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A Great Lawyer & A Wonderful human Being

I consulted Vivian after I was injured on the job. Subsequent to this injury I ended up with a permanent partial disability. Adding insult to injury, my employer's insurance company denied my disability claim. Vivian referred me to another lawyer to handle my disability claim however she continued to give me legal advice about other issues that arose with my employer for almost 2 years. Vivian went above and beyond to help me through my situation and because of her extensive knowledge, her tireless efforts and her Spartan-like dedication to my cause, I was able to arrive at an amicable resolution with my employer. Vivian personally responded to every email and phone call promptly. I was never ignored or pushed to the side and even though I'm sure she had other client's issues to deal with in addition to my own; whenever we spoke, Vivian always gave me her undivided attention. I always felt like my issues were her first concern. Vivian consistently gave me logical and prudent advice on how best to handle certain situations with my employer and even more importantly she also gave me emotional support and encouragement. Vivian is a great lawyer, not only because she is extremely intelligent, insightful and discerning but also because she is a wonderful human being, an empathetic and compassionate spirit who really cares about her clients. Virtuous, decent and ethical, kind, understanding and considerate, brilliant, fervent and passionate; Vivian can be described by all of these words and more. She is what every lawyer should aspire to be.

– Harrison

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