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I was surprised recently by the police knocking at my door, serving me papers, which turned out to be a filing in a Florida Court for Domestic Violence, from a family member! I live in New York State. I immediately turned to my real estate attorney here in NY for any reference she may have in Florida, since, now I must appear in person, in Florida before a Judge. My local attorney, immediately recommended Ms Fazio without a moment's hesitation. She told me she had personal legal/business relationship and direct experience with Ms. Fazio. Being from NY, and always being skeptical of lawyers ( NOT anymore btw) I of course 'Googled" Ms. Fazio, and found she has a video series, of her explaining several legal issues. Wow, this was great, I got see her, and see how she acts, speaks, and thinks. The power of social media. I did not hesitate to contact Ms. Fazio that day. One major factor in my enthusiasm with Ms. Fazio, was the fact she personally answered a 2-3 page email to my local (NY) attorney, outlining my options, and a solid plan on how to move forward with this case. Ms. Fazio did not know me at all prior to this, as she obviously spent/invested some of her valuable time just answering the email with a detailed legal opinion. I received a call back from Ms. Fazio personally with the day I left her a message. Great lawyers don't just respond when their phone rings, they make other people's phones ring. The initial court hearing was the next day, as there was no way I could be in Florida, in court the next morning. Ms. Fazio told me that she will attend the hearing, and ask for an extension, given the fact I was only served the papers the day before. Her plan worked brilliantly. We received a one month delay to prepare. Again, MY phone rang immediately after the hearing, with Ms. Fazio completely explaining to me what happened and why, and how she navigated the court hearing in our favor. Over the month, we spent many hours on the phone, outlining the history of the case, along with many email/electronic communications. Ms. Fazio conducted many hours of research, and other legal issues with the local courts in Florida. The day of the court hearing, I received yet another call from Ms. Fazio, saying to meet her at her offices, 2 hours before the hearing. I was warmly greeted by Ms. Fazio, recognizing her immediately from her video series. We sat down in one of her conference rooms, and she completely outlined, in detail what to expect each step of the way , and the process overall. She intently listened to all of my questions and concerns. I have never been in court in this manner in my entire life, so being a bit nervous was an understatement. We proceeded to the court house, and every small detail she explained to me actually happened, so NO surprises at all. The court hearing commenced, as being totally prepped, and prepared from her, I started to feel very confident in her logic and the proceedings. ( A little TV legal show drama also helps). Ms. Fazio was the utmost professional attorney I have seen in court. Very knowledgeable of the proceedings, the law and process, and was even quite cordial to my family member and her attorney, and of course the Judge. Ms. Fazio had a solid plan going into the hearing, which worked perfectly. She succinctly dismantled the opposing attorneys case bit by bit, and even managed to get the Judge to admonish the opposing attorney several times! Needless to say, we won the case on solid ground, and the merits of Ms. Fazios direction, guidance and most importantly, understanding of the law. I could not thank her enough, as shed did fulfill our contractual agreement, and did fully explain everything that COULD have happened to me, both good and bad, alerting me to fact that things may not go our way, depending upon opposing council, and my family members testimony. So she was very upfront and frank about all outcomes and consequences. I Highly Recommend Ms. Fazio.

– Stan

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